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Bitspower Z-Multi 150 ICE Black Body & Black Acetal Depósito

43,90 €
sin IVA 36,28 €

The Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150 Inline Reservoir is a multi-option liquid cooling reservoir that is perfect for most advanced users! This reservoir can work with a fillport and/or a drainport depending on installation. Both can be connected to the top and bottom reservoir ports so the reservoir never has be moved for filling, priming or draining your system. The reservoir is also well suited for applications that need multiple pumps drawing from it.

Manufactured using first-class quality acrylic tube and POM Acetal, the EX-MultiOption is built to last. The reservoir is very easy to fill and is sealed with high quality rubber washer. The bottom piece gives the user 3 options for placing G1/4" fittings/barbs as inlets or outlets. Additionally, the top is fitted with G1/4" thread port used for a fitting/barb as an inlet from a fill port.

Capacity: 274ml.

Color Negro
Diámetro 60mm
Color del producto Transparente
Materiales Acrílico
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura) 60 x 60 x 170 mm
Combo (Depósito + Bomba) NO
Formato de Depósito Tubular
Altura del depósito Estándar (100mm - 200mm)
Racores BRL 2

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Bitspower Z-Multi 150 ICE Black Body & Black Acetal Depósito


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